MBA Project on Evaluation Of Performance Appraisal Format Used At Ial System Overview:

The personnel department prepares appraisal forms for each & every category of employee & at the start of the appraisal period. It sends these forms to the concerned departments after filling in the necessary details of the employee to be appraised which is background information. 

            The staff should have worked at least for a period of 3 months to be appraised by an officer. In case the appraiser reports to more than one reporting officer in an appraisal year, on, transfer, promotion etc; the personnel department would forward the appraisal forms to reporting officers concerned for the period, the appraise reports to them. 

            The assessment of an employee is primarily governed under a 2-tier system that is assessment by the reporting officer as well as by the reviewing officer, where the assessment is subject to concurrence of the consenting authority, which will be final. The assessment done on the basis of certain attributes/factors, which help in defining the job requirements of a particular job usually, a 4-point scale or a 10-point scale for each factor is used for rating. Once the reporting officers gives his rating and comment if any the same shall be put to the reviewing officer who after careful scrutiny of appraisal will pass his remarks. 

            After the reviewing officers comments are given and duly signed by him, he can advice the reporting officer to discuss the appraisal with the employee or in certain cases, may decide to discuss the appraisal with the employee himself but in the presence of reporting officer. 

            The reporting officer after rating the employee on various attributes will give his remarks, which are discussed with the employee to know his reaction. After the discussion with the employee, the reporting officer gives his final remarks &his suggestion for improvement of the employee performance. The reviewing officer for further comments later scrutinizes these details. 

The complete appraisal report is then sent back to the personnel department in a confidential cover. The personnel department will then check the appraisal report for irregularities and any adverse entries against any of the employee made by the reporting officer will be communicated to the employee in a covering letter asking him/her to improve.

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