MBA Project on Corporate Finance and Executives 

The conclusion is arrived through the analysis and interpretation. The organization should concentrate more towards Outdoor Marketing and Product display advertisement to increase more awareness of Direcway Global Education offering courses from premium business schools. 

Corporate Finance

            Most of the Corporate Executives believe that any certificates / degree from Premium Business schools like IIM, XLRI, IIFT, MAHE and IIT etc., are added advantage for their job Profile. And very few of the corporate executives are felt it is not support for their job advantage.  

            Most of the potential corporate executives interested to enhance their skills and knowledge using these facilities.  Direcway Global Education offering courses from top business schools in India. It has very few competitors in this mode of education (i.e. Virtual classroom). The organization can take the necessary action suggested by the researcher. The results are given based on the data collected from various places in Coimbatore city from 300 respondents.  


  1. The organization shall take necessary action to create more awareness towards Direcway offering courses from premium Business schools like IIM, XLRI and IIFT etc. They have to educate the features to Corporate Executives by the way of explaining the different advantages of Direcway Global education. The organization should try to motivate the people to go for pursue the courses from top business schools by the way of giving advertisement in a periodical interval through outdoor Marketing and Product Display.
  2. Most of the respondents (64.42%) are satisfied with the technology, content, Cost, timing and interaction with the professor. So the organization should maintain and if possible try to decrease the cost and change the time schedule according to the corporate Executives convenience to pursuing the courses from esteemed Business schools.
  3. Very few of the respondents said that course fees ( i. e. Cost) is feels high, as they contain of Top Business Schools fees structures, which cannot be easily payment by a common Business people.
  4. Most of the Corporate Executives said that Direcway awareness is low. So the company has to increase its company Promotion activities have to be planned, monitored and carried.
  5. This mode of learning is a substitute for the Corporate Executives who are interested to higher studies. So, the company has to motivate the interested Corporate Executives towards its gives Job Advantage.
  6. The company has to give sample Classroom sessions of Direcway offering courses from Premium Business schools to the Corporate Executives to get new Corporate Executives towards Direcway Products.
  7. Managers, Executives and Professors must recommend this way of learning as efficiency to the corporate executives and business people having to increase the job advantages without leaving their city and job. 

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