Mba Project on Hospital Management Services Introduction:

The Marketing Management system of KMCH has triggered the recognition of a situation calling for a decision. 

The Marketing Department of KMCH conducts a regular research on ‘Customer Satisfaction’ for the patients getting admitted in KMCH. This research was initiated with the intention to find out the satisfaction level of the patients and to improve in – house services and to indicate flaws and discrepancies in the service delivery system. The results of this analysis are compiled and discussed at board meetings and staff meeting on a regular basis. 

Mba Project Report on Hospital Management

The Marketing Department of KMCH has also another important task in hand, i.e., it has to advertise regarding the facilities and services provided by the hospital to create awareness and educate the public about the hospital in terms of cost, quality and services. The hospital advertises regularly about the Super Speciality services as this is the platform on which it can differentiate itself. The advertisements are placed predominately in the print medium (newspapers, health magazines). It also uses the local television channels to explain about its various super speciality procedures. 

All the activities are just a one sided effort, i.e., the marketing department advertises on and off, but it does not know how far its objectives ‘To improve the awareness level and attract more people’ is being achieved. That has created a gap in the marketing system and has left the department with least information.           

How far are the people of Coimbatore getting to know about the facilities of KMCH, is a positive word of mouth communication being spread, what sort of an attitude is prevailing about KMCH amongst the public. All these uncertainties have given way for a research to address the problem.  

There is one indicator, that is the number of new customers added to the database that can tell about the spread of awareness about the facilities, but the Marketing Manager does not want to solely go by these figures. It wants to understand the situation in a better way in the presence of situational variables and external influences like demand, competition etc.,

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