Mba Project Report on Organizational Study Conclusion:

Communication is the lifeblood of business. It is a process of passing information and understanding from one person to another. It may be broadly defined as the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. It is something so simple and difficult that we can never put in simple word.   

Mba Project Report on Organizational Study                     

As far as Titan Industries Ltd concerned, flow of informations among within department and between department is good. L-level people feel that they receive all the informations necessary to do their job effectively. But, when we consider meetings it was not conducted regularly. On the whole INTERNAL COMMUNICATION PROCESS AT TITAN INDUSTRIES LTD, is good. 

The development of a strategic internal communication strategy, and it’s implementation can provide a number of benefits to organizations. To achieve those benefits we need a coordinated, comprehensive, long term communication approach.  



  • Company can try to conduct group meetings management meetings at regular intervals. 
  • Company can provide opportunities for the employees to express their ideas and opinions freely and frankly. 
  • Company can provide periodical training for the employees on how to communicate effectively. 
  •  The top management should take time to listen to the employees and motivate them in their work through friendly interaction. 
  •  Give workers opportunities to participate in decisions and actions affecting their jobs. 
  •  Improve communications – reduce uncertainty about career development and future employment prospects. 


  • Counselling the employees with respect to their personal problems. 
  • Team building can be encouraged to avoid misunderstanding of the job and work related issues. 
  • Provide wellness programs in order to motivate employees.

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