Mba Project on Mutual Fund Introduction:

 Mutual fund is an investment that pools money from shareholders and invest in a variety of securities, such as stocks,bonds and money market instrument.The need of the study is to analze the performance of mutual funds in different sectors like  infrastructure, , Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology,banking,fmcg and service  and to identify the new market trends in the above mentioned sectors.And look after the potential impact on stakeholders in to order to make an assessment of the possible impact of the entry load removal on stakeholders, The main aim of the project is to project Mutual Fund as a better avenue for investment on a long-term or short-term basis.

Mutual Funds Mba Project Report

Following are the suggestions for the selected funds in the selected sectors:

  • In pharma sector franklin templeton pharma seems to be good only by the beta value but in case of return it does not seems to be good so that franklin templeton pharma should concentrate on increasing its return to the investors.
  • In case of infra structure sector birla sunlife infra has performed well for last one year and in future it may be the best fund for the investors.
  • In service sector both tata and principal service has performed well in all parameter against other funds. 
  • In Banking Sector Reliance was only fund which qualified but it was not good performer in all parameters. 
  • The fund house has to reduce the total risk involved in the fund in order to increase the return with good portfolio construction.
  • Karvy should keep Mutual Fund Awareness Programme’s on regular basis for investors and clients as future belongs to mutual fund in India specially Sectoral Mutual Funds.    

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