Need for the Promotional Strategies Study:                                                                                                                    

A study on the Promotional Strategies can help us to know the customer’s reaction and response towards the offers and all promotion activities about COKE products and the perception of the target customer. It can also useful to know the services that can provide by the company to the customers, in increase of sales of the company and create a brand image. 

Promotional Strategies

The following are some of the major limitations of the study. 

  • Even though every effort is made to complete all areas of the project: it still has its own limitations. Due to cost and time constraints the sample size was restricted to 32 store managers. 
  • This study is pertaining to certain organization that is Hindustan Coco Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd. The results may not be applicable to other organization and it is strictly for the academic purpose only. 
  • The tools used for analysis has its own limitations. 
  • Managers have got their own limitations in regards to some questions like store sales information etc.. 
  • The store mangers were not co-operated properly because of time. 



 1.  To identify the taste and preferences of the target customer’s

2.   To know the customer’s reaction about coke offers.

3.   To know the competitors promotional strategies.

4.   To know the customer satisfaction towards coke products      

5    To know the modern trade characteristics

6    To know the coke share in the store.

7        To know the coke sales in 32 outlets.

8        To know the customer’s perception.  


            This Study consists around 32 outlets in Hyderabad. This ultimate task was to identify customer’s perception regarding the switchgear products of the company. This study also consists of development suggestions and modifications given by the customer’s.

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