Mba Project on Airtel Telecom Industry Introduction:

The Indian Telecommunication industry has grown into a billion dollar industry. In this unforgiving highly competitive industry it is not just doing something right that matters but it is also about doing nothing wrong. Making profit does not only mean a large customer base but also, depends on usage level of the services, provided to the customers. 

Mba Project Report on Airtel

      The telecom companies come out with many schemes and offers, to attract customers and to make them use the various sciences provided by these companies. Despite such measures, various studies reveal that the STD usage the Airtel customers in Kerala in lesser than the national average of 15 minutes per month. There were the reasons that gave bright to a strong interest in conducting savings on STD usage in Kerala. 


Primary objective 

To find out the various factors for lesser NLD usage in Kerala. 

Secondary Objective 

  • To find out the NLD usage in Kerala.
  • To find out awareness level of NLD tariffs.
  • To find out awareness level and usage level of various offers and schemes provided by Airtel.
  • To find out the various factors that can increase NLD usage. 


      The study aims to analyse the lesser NLD usage by Airtel customers in Kerala than the national average. This has been done by preparing a questionnaire, which questions the respondents on their usage and the factors influencing their usage. 

      The study would help in identifying the reasons that prevent the customers from making STD calls. The study may help Bharti Communications in understandings the reasons for lesser STD usage and come out with strategic decisions that would increase the NLD usage by their customers. 


  • The validity and Reliability of the data obtained depends on the responses from the customers.
  • Time at the disposal for the research was limited.
  • The sample when compared to the population was too small. Therefore the results could not be generalised to a larger population. 

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