The basic need of the Mba Project on Branding is to understand the service of BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED products and identify what are the gaps in service. The idea behind the projects is to identify what is the brand and service range of BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED products in Hyderabad market.

Report on Branding

         The need of project arises from company to improve its service practice in order to have better market placement in Hyderabad market.  So, for that they needed in-depth analysis of the problems which would also generate some fresh ideas for the improvement.


      The study is conducted within Hyderabad toSekinthrbad  and its various parts. Hyderabad Sekinthrbad was divided in two regions. The survey is conducted in Auto mobile shops situated in all regions which are exclusive in sales of BHARTI AIRTEL LIMITED.


                          The analysis of the data obtained the market research has led to many inferences on the tele services brands.  In course of conducting marketing survey some value and useful information was given by respondent.

Advertising in papers, hoardings and enquire consider to be ineffective avenue for securing information about AIRTEL tele ervices..

Users find AIRTEL as one which provides security for Users and reliable and feasible.

                         The overall conclusion of the study is the AIRTEL Teleservices offering better services which make Users feel happy and comfortable. 


The company should maintain their market position and try to increase their customers. 

Enough stock should keep in stockiest place& retailers place 

To enable the customers to get in touch with the service personal more easily, the number of direct phones should be increase or provide the toll free number to give solutions of constructions. 

Periodically, review meetings with the customer in different areas should be convinced, to have a general consensus regarding problems being faced by them. 

To increase sales of the tele services, the company  should concentrate on advertisements and try to provide special offers. 

If the company reduce the price of the teleservicess for who purchase huge quantities, then sales will be increased dramatically.

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