Aerodynamic Design And Cfd Analysis Of Centrifugal Compressor Project Abstract:

A single stage centrifugal compressor is designed with aerodynamic Design considerations. A numerical procedure for the aerodynamic design of the impeller with prescribed design requirements of suction pressure and volume flow rate is described.  The two dimensional blades of the impeller are designed to be radial tipped and the diffuser section is vane less. Volute cross-section is designed for free vortex flows. 

Aerodynamic Design

One-dimensional performance analysis of the impeller is theoretically calculated. The aerodynamic methodology for obtaining impeller geometry with the required flow rate and suction pressure is presented. The compressor is modeled with the obtained design data from theoretical calculations. Geometry modelling and meshing are done in Gambit pre-processor. Computational fluid dynamic two-dimensional analysis of blade to blade flow in an impeller, diffuser and volute are conducted in FLUENT. CFD results are compared to the theoretical results obtained.  It is found that CFD results agree with the theoretical results and this shows that CFD methodology can be better used for the design and analysis of dynamic machines. 

Objective of Present Study:
In the present study it is proposed to design a typical centrifugal compressor. A preliminary design has to be carried out as proposed by Aungier . One dimensional performance analysis has to be done and further design modifications will have to be implemented. Complete gas path design for hub and shroud contours, blade shapes have to be calculated. Finally the obtained geometry has to be modelled in GAMBIT for 2-D blade-to-blade flow analysis using FLUENT.

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