Project titled biomedical heart beat monitoring system project main aim is to design a simple sensor based live heart beat data transmission using micro controller.


Purpose of this project is to mainly design a simple hardware communication system which can used in hospitals to help doctors to track patients health parameters like heart beat from remote location. 


Monitoring systems in hospital is a continuous process which needs to be monitored regularly on time bases and take steps to improve health condition of patient. At present this procedure is carried out by duty doctors or nurses who will check on regular bases and update details to doctor if there is variation in heartbeat.  In this process communication is established through phone which is not a effective proves and man power required.

In order to overcome this problem a new technology is used which works on wireless technology and sensors and transmit data to doctor who can view on IOT or mobile.


Project working:

In this application we are using micro controller , heart beat sensor, crystal oscillator and lcd display. Initially heart beat sensor is placed to patient finger for pulse counting data is sent to heart beat circuit drive continuously  which will send data to micro controller. Controller will send data to lcd display to show values.

This application can be useful in biomedical fields, hospitals, sports, human engineering.