Aim of detection of UV rays failure using UV sensors is to develop a embedded based application which can purify water with UV rays and detect if there is any failure in the UV rays and inform using a buzzer.


Purpose of this project is to design a system which can always provide purified water without any problem to UV light and detecting failure conditions in short time.

Project Introduction:

UV rays are used in water purification method because it has shorter wavelength compare to x rays. Bandwidth of UV rays varies from 10nm to 400 nm. Other reason for using UV rays is it can purify water in short range by ionizing atoms. In this project we are using UV rays for purification. 



Basic functionality of this project is to pass water through UV tube and UV rays are passed through this tube which will kill bacteria. This entire process of purification is called as sterilization. UV are not visible to eye and light is passed inside UV tube. If there is any problem in UV rays then it is not possible to know if water is purified or not. To check this process and inform issued in UV ray processing we are using UV rays sensors which will detect UV rays continuously if there is no UV rays then information is passed to micro controller and controller will send signals to buzzer.

For water flow control we are using magnetic sensors to know level of water based on the output of sensor motor switching mechanism will work. If water level is low sensor will send signal to micro controller which will send data to motor to switch on. If water level is high auto motor will switch off.


This application is useful in every water purification method which will provide pure water.