Aim of improving agriculture system by auto sensing soil condition project is to sense dry and wet condition of soil and inform farmers about changing conditions to take actions. This application is developed using AT89S52 micro controller and sensors.


Purpose of this project is to develop a automatic plat irrigation system which can help farmers about present status of soil and take decision for better irrigation. This method can reduce manual work and improve farmers yield.


In India agriculture has given more priority which is playing important role in overall economic development of country. From past few years there are many new technologies introduced in agriculture for improving farming and reducing farmer manual work. There are many new technologies coming to improve efficiency. This application is one of the idea which can help farmers to take accurate decision from any location buy just knowing values.

This embedded based application can solve problem of existing agriculture problems and helps in managing available water resources and use water when it is required. This method helps farmers to save money and increase yield .

Improving Agriculture System by Auto sensing Soil Condition


In this project we are using dry and wet sensors for sensing soil condition and update details to micro controller. Micro controller will send data to relays to control motor and based on requirement we can switch on or off the system. For displaying values of sensor data we are using lcd display.


This application will help farmers to know about soil condition and take action.

This method will help farmers to use water effectively.

This process will automate concept of farming.