Locating exact location and distance of default underground cable project main idea is to design a mechanism which can help in finding out exact location of damaged cable with distance from main station. 


Purpose of this project is to solve manual work to find out exact location of damaged cable and reach location in short time and solve problem. Here user can find exact distance in kilometers.

Project Introduction:

In preset different communication systems like television, internet networks ..etc work on cable communication. Underground cables are laid to send data from source to destination normally these cables covers many kilometers to reach end user. There are few problems in these method were if there is any damage caused it cannot be detected easily. In order to solve this problem a effective method is introduced which not only detects but also shows exact distance. 

Locating Exact Location and Distance of Default Underground Cable

Locating Exact Location and Distance of Default Underground Cable

Project working:

This application works on ohms law. From one end DC voltage is applied by user which will transmit of cable lines. When there is any variation in current it shows at that location fault is detected. If there is any short circuit in the cable voltage changes accordingly which will be given and analog to digital converter and send data to micro controller which will calculate data and show in kilometers.

In this project we are using resistors which are fixed to cable at different locations which is used to calculate distance in kilometers. Fault calculation is done by using switching at every kilometer to verity accuracy. Details are transmitted to micro controller and converted to digital format and micro controller will show distance on LCD screen. 


Advantage of this project is to reduce manual work and automate detection process with accurate information.