Attendance tracker system project is a ( PHP ) web based application. This web application can perform

  1. Track students attendance information for every individual class.
  2. Track teachers attendance information based on subject for different stream.
  3. Teachers can view students attendance details in a short time which is available in database and inform students about his/her status.
  4. Teachers can analyze attendance and total number of leaves left for that month. 

Attendance Tracker System

Project Category:

PHP based Web Application Final Year Project

Attendance Tracker System Project Design: 

When user runs this application main login form is displayed with teacher login and student login boxes. Each teacher will have unique user name and password to log in to system to view attendance. 

Student can enter user name and check attendance details. There is no need of password for student. 

Students can also use USN ( register number ) for search attendance records. 

Software Requirement: 

PHP programming

MYSQL database 

List of forms in this Application: 

Login form : For teachers to log in to system to view existing records

Check login : Details of user name and password are checked with database records

Log out : Teacher can log out from application after tracking is completed

Retrive : When student records request is made details are retirved from database.

Retrive Teacher:  Details of teachers records are displayed by retiving from database.

Update : New reocrd details are updated using this form. 

Download Attendance Tracking System project in PHP Source Code