Business Model for Cloud Computing Project with full project source code and documentation is provided for free download. Explanation of this project is given below.

Business Model for Cloud Computing

 Proposed system:

For cloud computing to spread, users must have a high level of trust in the methods by which service providers protect their data. This study proposes a Business Model for Cloud Computing[17] Based on a Separate Encryption and Decryption Service, emphasizing that authorization for the storage and encryption/decryption of user data[7] must be vested with two different service providers.

Furthermore, the privileges of the Encryption/Decryption as Service provider includes management of the key required for the encryption/decryption of user data, but not the storage of decrypted or encrypted user data. In this new business model, user data in the Storage Service System is all saved encrypted. Without the decryption key, there is no way for the service provider to access the user data. Within the Encryption/Decryption Service System there is no stored user data, thus eliminating the possibility that user data might be improperly disclosed.

Problem Formulation:

Problem Definition:                         

Enterprises usually store data in internal storage and install firewalls to protect against intruders to access the data. In cloud computing, the data will be stored in storage provided by storage service providers.

Service providers must have a viable way to protect their clients’ data, especially to prevent the data from leak by unauthorized insiders. If a cloud system is responsible for both tasks on storage and encryption/decryption of data, the system administrators may simultaneously obtain encrypted data and decryption keys. This allows them to access information without authorization and thus poses a risk to information privacy.

 Business Model for Cloud Computing Modules:

  • User Registration and Control
  • CRM Service
  • Encryption/Decryption Service
  •  Accessing Storage service

 Software Specifications:

Softwares that are used for implementing are as follows

Language: PHP, HTML

Database: MySQL

Server: XAMPP

Operating System: XP

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