Dynamic Website Project Introduction:

As users of web we mostly have done getting information online, online admission in our daily routines and many other works have been done in short time on internet or through web. It was our great desire to develop a dynamic website for organization of our own, which will solve the problems of an organization and will also reduce the burden on the organization’s admin section. This website will also save the time of the users. Instead of going to the organization and getting information from there they can easily get all the information by accessing website of that organization through internet.

Dynamic Website Project


This will save their time. In today highly competitive and progressive era, without latest technology surviving on the globe is difficult. There are some areas where radical advances have brought a dramatic change in ordinary homes. The latest technology was previously available few sophisticated organization. As we know that till today computer is not an intelligent machine. But people are trying to make it intelligent. Artificial intelligence is not like human beings brain.

Human can response with flexibility in all situations. A person can make sense and recognize the out of ambiguous and conflicting statements. He is able to recognize the relative important of different elements of situations. A man gets a vast amount of information each day. Even if he has no choice, still he thinks and makes efforts to solve and get rid of the problems.

Dynamic Website Project USER REQUIREMENT 

1.         People need website that loads quickly. User will not wait longer to load this site.

2.         They need a site that is easy to use, navigate around and understand.

3.         People need to know who to contact if they need future information.

4.         Visiting the site should be an interesting, pleasurable and regarding experience.

5.        It should be possible to view the site using different browser.

6.         There must be some means for the visitors to enter their name, address, email, cell    and area of interest, if they wish to receive information.

7          The data entered by the user must be validated and automatically entered into a database.

Download  Dynamic Website Project Source Code , Project Report and Documentation in PHP.