The Institute Management System Project website is also very useful because the student don’t have to read notice board,he can easily view all info. Like result via this website.To make this website work successfully we have used some latest technology such as PHP as the Development Platform, PHP frame work as the development and MYSQL as the Database Management environment.

Institute Management System

Institute Management System Project Over View:

  • A brief description about PHP and MYSQL are provided into the   documentation in technology used for front-end and back-end instruction.
  • All the covered commitments and provided utilities are described in the proposed system.
  • The UML Diagram has been drawn which is useful to display the flow of the Process throughout the system so even aninexperienced people can easily get idea of the proposed system.   
  • The “Testing” technique that we have followed is up to grade and it’s helpful in easily finding the error or bugs. Testing is a process necessary to be conducted by analyst to have the system build error-less. Testing is important for consistency purposes that is user cannot access beyond its limitation.   
  • In our bibliography we have mentioned a list of all the Books Names including the Author Name, the website that we have used for our help in searching the data, with an objective of letting the user know that with these tools use we have been able to create a website for various purposes.

Draw Back of Existing System:

  • There is no facility to admin side.
  • All the task performed static so there are no databases is used.
  • Student does not to view result and attendance.
  • The System is not view subject details as well as course details.
  • There is no staff login so faculty cannot analyze own result as well as attendance.
  • Student does not view event & Fresh news.
  • Student does not display basic college information like proper faculty data.
  • Existing system have create using html so system is fully is static.
  • There no facility to upload excel file.
  • No facility for report of the categories at admin side.

Download Institute Management System Project Report, Source Code in PHP.