Aim of the System:

                In The Institute Management System Project the Course Detail , Semester Detail, Subject Detail, Exam  Detail, Faculty Details, Student Detail, Attendance Detail are managed by the System. This system provides student result, attendance, fresh news, events and faculty details, college information, faculty view own result, attendance etc.

Institute Management System

Scope of the Institute Management System:

  • Student View own Result & attendance
  • Student display fresh news & events
  • Admin can add new course and edit exiting course and remove course and also give searching tools which will help him/her to search the course by different field by course Name, course id etc.
  • It also gives the facility to admin upload attendance, result, time table, exam papers etc.
  • It also gives the facility to staff view own subject result as well as attendance.
  • Admin can create online black list by month wise and student can view black list is created by admin.
  • Student can search semester wise subject details.
  • Student view photo gallery and college information and staff info.
  • Students download exam paper, exam schedule, assignment.
  • Faculty upload own subject assignment.
  • Administrator has the status of all members and can give permission to allow the member of this site.
  • End user can know about new events held in College.

Objective of the System:

                      Objectives mean the various usages of one system. By clarifying the system objectives one can be much clearer about the processes he/she has to perform. The objectives of our proposed system are:

  •  Keep records of all Students, Faculty.
  • Generates quick Result & Attendance of each and every students on Stud Id.
  •  Automatic Generate stud id for each every student as well faculty id for each faculty.
  •  Student can view faculty details like name, experience, designation etc .
  •  Admin generate black list and display student that black list.
  •  Save the time and make the work easy for desk user
  • The college will facilitate the holistic development of the child
  •  Maintains the whole information about College.
  •  Provide the facility like send mail for recover password
  •  The system can allow the administrator to select the unnecessary information and delete them from the database. Here administrators have total control on Site; he can delete or edit information.
  •  It will easily used and the time consuming is decreased.


The constraint associated in the development of any software system includes those that are common to all system. The common constraints may include lack of managerial participation tighter development schedule etc.

   Some of the constraints are listed below with which we have developed this system 

  •  admin mistake can be turned into the improper student result & attendance .
  •  The links which are contains adults word or information which is suspended by the Admin.
  •  The number of links of member will be displayed along with the Links Information and Analytics Information will be held in the member’s session object.
  • Admin can upload only XML file.
  • It requires Wamp server or PHP & Mysql and Apache Server.
  • The Staff can only view result & attendance.
  • It requires Microsoft Windows XP service pack and above. 
  • It is web-base system, so Internet facility must be continues and require. 
  • System performance depends on internet speed. 
  • It can reduce paper work. 
  • This system is web-base application, so all people of world can access it from any where.

Expected Advantages:

  •  Student will display online exam result and attendance by using student id.
  •  When  faculty is login that time it will display own subject  result so faculty can analysis Result & attendance
  •  Faculty edit  own profile like changes name.
  •  Student will display fresh news & event until ending data will expired
  •  Student will view exam schedule & faculty profile.
  •  Student obtains information about college like fresh director message.
  •  Admin will managed over-all side like uploading result,attendance,exam time table etc
  •  Accuracy and security can be maintained easily.
  •  It is web-base system so Users use it anywhere and anytime.
  • Administrator can easily change data or information; also it enters and appends the data any time.

Download Institute Management System Project Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT.