Online Auction System Project is a website which is developed in php for helping users to sell products through online and fix rates based on auction procedure. This website is also useful for posting classifies under different category.      

Online Auctions System

Project Overview:

In present fast growing information technology and software world web application are playing important role in increasing business mainly online purchase related websites are growing fast in every  filed. Considering present trend this online auction website is developed to help users to sell products based on live auction.

Existing and Proposed System:

In existing system manual bidding process is followed where users should visit location and pay directly but using this online auction system users can participate from any location and pay through online and buy products.

Online Auction System Modules Overview:

There are different forms designed for this application which is explained below.

Add products: Using this form user can add new product to website which consists of adding product name , images, basic price..etc.

Auction Start: Using these form users who are interested in auction can participate and start bidding.

Auto Display: Automatic display of products available in the list is shown in this form.

Auto Buy Client: Client can participate in auction and automatically buy products through online using different payment options.

Bid History: Clients who has participated in bid are displayed under did history and bidding time and cost details are shown in this form.

Check Bidding: In this form information of present going bidding details are displayed. Admin can look after the bidding participants.

City Search: This search feature will help users to look after the bidding happenings in respective city and participate in bidding.

 There are other features like purchase, pre bidding, My account, mailing, login check, video description, validation..etc.

Download Online Auction system project in PHP source code.