The proposed Ordering and Payment System Project in PHP will provide the business with an online ordering and payment system for the business as compared to the present manual system. This would help eradicate the errors encountered in the transmission of an inaccurate inventory information throughout the organization. It will provide the business owners with a computerized interface to lessen or eliminate manual system of the purchasing and payment. The proposed system will also provide the clients with an interface  where they can place their respective orders and pay through their personal PayPal accounts for their own convenience and security. Furthermore,the proposed system will ease the administration’s work especially when tracking down sales and inventory of ingredients .

The business administration and the clients are provided with a user–friendly interface which will be easy to use and less time consuming. Thus it would help its users realize that an online system is more convenient,efficient, and effective than a manual system.

Educational significance

The system can serve as a reference of basis for further studies related to online ordering and payment system. The system can serve as a platform for future researchers who pursues identical goal in the development of the system. Through this endeavor, future researchers can further evolve their ideas and include additional features into their system. As for the researchers, the study not only is a requirement for their graduation but it is an immeasurable  equipment and unforgettable experience which shall lead them towards their success. This  research will not only further enhance its proponents diligence, discipline, and hardwork among them but also test their analytical and critical thinking and programming skills.

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