Chat room project software application is designed in PHP using Mysql database. Chat room software is similar to that of existing yahoo and rediff messengers with limited features.

Chat Room Project in Java

Chat Room

Project over View:

Chat applications were one of the best inventions in the field of communication. Users can create account and add friends to the list based on email id requests. Users are provided with graphical user interface which displays user status (online or offline).

Project Abstract:

In chat room application users can add friends, delete list, refresh online user’s messages and chat messages for every fixed time. While chatting user can send simile which are provided in chat options.

Project Type:

Web Communication Project

Software requirement:

Front end Design: PHP programming language

Database: MYSQL database


User can view available online users and send online message. If user is not online he can send offline message.  User online and offline status is shown in green and red color.

When user is chatting with multiple user conformation of message is shown using color change with blinking status. This is normally seen when chat feature is minimized

Search feature for finding online users if the friends list is big.

Smiley feature enable to share emotions using images

Message received and message sent beep sound for understanding user about message status.

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