PHP website project is web application which is used for providing specific information which can be accesses on internet from any location. Word press is one of the mostly used free PHP web services available as open source.

PHP Website Project Source Code

PHP Website

PHP Introduction:

PHP is one of the mostly used programming languages for developing website. This software is a general purpose scripting language which is available for free download. We can embed HTML in to PHP websites.

In this project we provide PHP source code which consists of admin, config, convert, core, files, images, java script, libraries, setup files, templates and themes files.

PHP websites consists of admin dashboard where admin can log as primary user and users can log as secondary users with permissions given by admin.

Admin can access dash board for installing themes, updating posts, adding widgets, modifying template code, modify setting, add security features..Etc. Admin can change themes basing on requirement.

Project Setup:

In order to setup PHP website user should modify various setting like permissions..Etc and install database which are explained in readme file which is available in download file.

Download PHP Project Source code

Advantages of PHP:

Compare to HTML web design PHP will provide many sources for free and easy to install.

User can add SEO, Related Posts, and Popular Posts, CAPTCH plug-in which are available for free.

Easy to change website design by adding new themes which are available for free and low cost.

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