Project management system or Project tracking system project is web based application designed in PHP coding language. In order to manage projects in a single website and help students to search for previous year projects or share project with other friends this application will be useful.

Project Management System In PHP

Project Management System

Project Category:

Web Based Management System for Academic Projects

Project Abstract:

Most of the universities use their website for managing students projects which is visible on web and students from any location can download projects . Few websites provide security for allowing only college students to access website.

In this application we designed a website where users can register with application and search , upload and download projects.

Project Tracking System working:

List of forms: registration , Project, search , Upload, review, Admin , sign up , user request.

Project Management System Modules Explanation:

Sign up and Registration:  New user should provide personal details for generation unique user name and password. After registration user can verify using email and login.

Search: Search feature is available with text box to enter search keyword and select department and then click search.

(Example Keywords: Projects in, projects in php, projects in java, documentation, Report ).

Upload: Upload form consists of Project title, Authors, guide, year, programming language, domain, upload file, options. Using these option users can upload projects to website.

Admin: Admin will have other features where he can update notifications, search for users, Modify and delete users and source code requests.

In source code request option messages that are sent by users are displayed.

Download Project Management System Project in PHP

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