Project Titled Search engine project source code in PHP programming language. Search engines are used to display useful links based on user searched keywords.

Search Engine Project in PHP

Search Engine

Project Category:

Web Crawler / search engine Application

Project Abstract:

Computer technology has brought many changes in a short period of time.  Important reasons for fast growth of computers technologies are because of useful web applications which are helping users in day to day life.  Large collection of information is available on web which need to be accessed in a best manner so web crawler or search engines are introduced.

In this web application we designed a process where we can search for education related information from different universities. Which are displayed in search result , user can visit website by clicking on the listed links.

Project Synopsis:

Search engines are mostly used web applications for searching any related content and display most useful websites on top of the list. Google and bing are famous search engines used by all over the world.

Challenging task for search engines is managing large amount of data which is constantly changing its indexing and searching pages with searched keywords and displaying in short time.

This project is restricted to education related information only and explaining basic indexing and search mechanism.

Download Search Engine Application in PHP Source Code

Project Design:

After application is executed GUI is displayed with crawler , indexer, proxy and list of sites features on right top.

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