PHP Mysql Statistics Software project is useful for analysing total records in database and space required to store data and total number of tables present in the database.

Project category:

Database Management System Project

Database Connection Code:

Project Introduction:

Most of the software applications use database for storing data. Basing on project requirement we use different types of databases. Mostly we use oracle, mysql for creating tables, updating data to tables, deleting, modifying…etc operations are performed in database.

In real time scenario we come across some problems related to data storage and analyze total records in database. For this purpose database stat reporter software will be useful.

Download Statistics reporter software project source code

This project is simple PHP MYSQL project useful for students to use for academic project and education purpose.

Source Code over view:

This application consists of four php files.

Connection: This php file consists of how to connect to database by providing User name, password, server, database and db link.

DB Stats: This file consists of source code for categorizing database tables and sorted by specific column.

Image Check: This file contains source code form checking empty rows in database.

Today stats:  This PHP source code is used for provide today database usage and provide report.