E Cops Project PPT Covers Over view about this project with existing system, proposed system, screen shots, design detils ( database design, data flow diagram ( DFD ) , sequence diagram, flow chart ) .

E Cops Project

E Cops Project System:

                  This System fulfils the following activities.

  • Reducing the complexity of the system and maintain the large information of the data.
  • This system maintains the police station creation and it have areas of control which can be modified later time through online.
  • This system maintains the criminal information state wise/area wise/age wise through online.
  • A user can report about an incident/unwanted person.

Existing System:

            The Existing System doesn’t fulfilling the following activities.

  • Lack of security.
  • Only Limited Number of Users Can Access
  • This system cannot maintain the police station information.
  • This system does not support the department wise information and their employees
  • This system does not maintain the criminals and most wanted criminals with respect to area wise, state wise and age wise also.
  • This system does not support online case registrations, evidences.


This system gives the following reports

  1. Complaints filed in a day and action taken to it. It should also report unattended complaints
  2.  Crime rate due to various types of crimes in a month/year and also in district/state wise.
  3.  Report regarding most wanted criminals and bounty information if available.
  4. Police officers often export the FIR copy to document format

Download E Cops Project PPT , Source Code in Java, Project Documentation, SRS.