This program entitled “ Hotel Management System Project  is a minor group work of BCA IVth semester students. It is a small software package which is helpful in the areas of Hotel. This program package includes all the activities in which the hotel is managed. The activities like customer room reservation, the user management, the inventory processing, the data summary, etc are included. 

Hotel Management System

This project is database oriented program because it is developed using DBMS like Ms Access. We have used ADODC for Database programming in this project. The programming language used for developing this software is Visual Basic 6.0.

Users can simply add record, delete them, update them, create Backups of the Database, and many more using this software. User need not have to think about where the data should be saved or from where they can retrieve it. All the data are saved automatically in the defined place and are retrieve from there directly by using this software. No computer trainings or experts are needed to handle this software.

In terms of security this software is totally secure as it doesn’t give access to unauthorized user as the username and password facility is provided. 

We chose Hotel management software as the system seemed simple and easy to use. During its development we realized that we needed software that may help to manage hotel activities and various other adjustments. 

Hence, this software is helpful for the Hotel Managerial teams who want to improve the efficiency of the management and want to be competitive in this day to day changing world. This project is also a small step towards development of big professional software.

Hotel Management System Project Objectives:

The main objective behind preparing this project is that to give hotel a complete facility that a hotel managerial team wants. It even helps the user to handle the managing system of the hotel properly. And it also gives the customer an easier way to have booking and other related activities in the hotel. Besides this there are many objectives like: 

1)      To manipulate the Hotel transactions with instant confirmation.

2)      To save time and accuracy in work.

3)      To increase efficiency of employee.

4)      For fast access of data.

5)      For secure and smooth running of the program.

6)      For error free, effective and easy for database related works.

Download Hotel Management System Project Report Source Code in Vb.Net, Documentation, PPT.