We are developing an experimental project management expert system named Online-Project Management System Project or Project Portal, here in this project we are identifying the users and the tasks to be done by each user. Effective management and technical support are required for the success of this project.

Online Project Management System Project Report

    Here we are explaining about Modules of this project and link to download project report. Download java project source code and project database with youtube video link to view project design.

Online Project Management System Modules:


            Here Teams are having the permissions that the Administrator gives to the Teams and there members to proceed the instructions that they are having Team is provided with the permissions that

  1. Viewing all the old projects
  2. Viewing all the current year Projects(2010)
  3. Viewing all Team Profiles
  4. Notices
  5. Upload Files
  6. Time Sheets 

Viewing all the Old Projects

                        Using Online Project Management System all the Old Projects done by our seniors can be viewed by the Administrator , Guide and Teams as a result Teams who are going to do the projects can choose other than this project for their project to be done.

Viewing all the current year Projects (2010)

                        Administrator can separately view the current Year Projects as such it can be viewed clearly what are the current projects that are going on.

Viewing all the Team Profile

                        Guide is having the permission to see all the Team Profiles of the Teams who have Registered, in the profile of the Teams registration it displays who are doing the project under the guidance if the Guide mentioned and team members can be seen and what are the projects that the Team is doing can also be seen by the Guide.


                        Teams can view the notices that the Administrator and the Guide can give them what is Schedule work that they are being done.


                        Teams are having the permission to upload their project executable files into their database and make use of that in the future use

Time Sheets

                        Here Time Sheets are being provided to the Teams that what are activities that they have been done in the day can be noted and can be Stored and make use of the saved document to the Admin  


Guest views only the Old projects List.

Download Online Project Management System Project Report