Online Tours and Travels Project website based on the e-commerce. E-commerce means electronic commerce is generally considered to be the booking aspect of e-business. It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and hand to hand payment aspects of business transactions.

Online Tours and Travels

  • Online Tour & Travels will work to booking its services and packages by online. There are several services and packages are available at the one place. As like the packages of Kerala, Goa and Kashmir And so on.
  •  If the new user are visited the site and wants to book the tickets. So first they have to register and then the user will able to book the tickets.
  • Some other functionality of that site is that register user will change, its login information, Other module will also included as like the, Registration module, Package module, Hotel module, CMS module, Inquiry module,
  •    Now we will explain every module in detail
  • Registration Module : In this module the user can register himself and after the registration he can be the login user of the site, The main advantage of this module is that the customer who is not register with us, so he cannot book the tickets, If he wanted to book the tickets so first of all he have to register.
  • Package Module  : In this module the description about the packages is given, we have categorized the packages under three categories that are

1)      Popular Tour

2)      Hot Tour

3)      Featured Tour

In this module the all information is stored of particular package that is like description, images, price and the duration.

  • Hotel Module: In this module the description about the hotels is given, we have categorized the hotels by cities, it means we added the top five hotels of every city in our hotels like the top five hotels of jaipur and Mumbai. In this module the all information is stored of particular hotel that is like description, images, class of hotel like 5 star, 3 star and 2 star etc.
  • CMS Module: The contain management system module is very dynamic module with the  help of this module we can add several of pages in website, so to add the pages like,

1)      News

2)      Travel Guide

3)      About Company

4)      Contact Us

  • Inquiry Module:  In this module the visitor or the user can ask any kind of question or queries to the owner of the site, and he can inquirer anything he wanted.


The visitors of this website can directly contact the passenger through contact module for any difficulty and help through e-mail, contact number. 

There are two types of visitors:


All Visitors



  • Administrator is the super-user of the system
  • He / She control the overall system as they possess all rights of system.
  • He / She has all the details of the authenticated user / client
  • He / She can change the password and other details related to a system.
  • He / She manages all the information of their all customers through databases
  • He / She can view, reply the feedback and inquiries that has been posted by their clients as they are the super users and possess all rights required for managing the system.

All Visitors :

  • All the visitors can visit the site to get their purposes of information.
  • The visitor can only see the packages and only see the details of the website, but he cannot perform anything on the website, or he can’t book the tickets.


  • The users of website mean the person who is login customer with us.
  • The users can see the packages and as well as he/ she can book the tickets because they are the registered users of the website.

Download Online Tours and Travels Project Report,Source Code with Data flow diagram, flow chart, sequence diagram.