Searching useful information from large content that is available on web we need search engine project. This project can be developed in, java, php, python. Here we provide source code for python web crawler engine which can be used as academic project.

Search Engine Python Project

Python Script

Project Title:

Simple Search Engine Python

Project Abstract:

Web is the place where data is increasing in a fast pace we can see large number of numbers are adding to web every day. Websites are playing important role in providing online service for users from all geographic locations.

In order to manage this web content and provide better results for users from available websites we need as best algorithms for developing search engines.

Engine History:

Search application became popular with Google search which is providing accurate information for users. There are many other search engines like bing which comes after Google.

How Search Engines Work:

Search engines users web crawling, indexing, page ranking, search engine optimization techniques to display best results which are developed by software engineers. These methods are called algorithms.

When web links are indexed in search engines data is analysed and stored in database, giving page rank for web pages. When user search for query like ( example:  documentation, reports, source code) algorithm will search for indexed pages in database and display best available keyword sites with good information as first in search results. Using these links user can visit web page and find information. This indexing process changes from time to time.

Download Project Source Code in Python

Students can use read me file provided in project search project folder for steps to follow.

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