Video chat application is a simple web application which is useful for users to chat using live video streaming like video chat in face book, Gmail, yahoo..Etc.  Project program code is available in python scripting language.

Video Chat

Video Chat

Project Category:

Web Based Video Communication System.

Project Abstract:

Communication using web applications are playing important role is establishing relationship between friends, family members, employees…etc. There are many apps for different mobile phones which are used for text chatting and voice chatting.

Video chatting is the best way for chatting with family members who are located at different locations. This application is useful for developing video chatting application.

There are three four files in this application

Client script:   Opening socket and initializing video socket and normal socket, connecting sockets and send and receive code is written.

Server Script: Server side socket opening, listening for incoming messages, transferring data , binding and listening and waiting for client response on port code is written.

Video Feed Script: In this program initializing thread, capture form CAM, set data and show image related logic is available.

Video Socket Script : A special type of socket to handle the sending and receiving of fixed size frame strings over usual sockets Size of a packet or whatever is assumed to be less than 100MB 

Download Video Chat Application Source Code in Python

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