Autonomous Artistic robot is a specialized mobile robot that is used to draw and paint different shapes and perform various designated tasks without continuous human guidance.

The project is aimed at implementing a system which can extract a vector image from a raster image and draw the same autonomously on a chart paper. Image processing will be used for determining the image to be reproduced. Once the exact image is known we determine the color of image and communicate instructions to proper robot to start creating the image. ZigBEE protocol will be used for communication with the robots.

Autonomous Artistic Robot

Technology’s Used in Project Design:

           This project encompasses various computer science disciplines like Real Time Robotics,Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence(upto some extent), communication using ZigBEE, Image Processing using Matlab/Scilab, etc.

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Autonomous Artistic robot Requirement  Elicitation:

An artist robot is a specialized autonomous mobile robot that is used to recreate different images as per given input. In this analysis we will describe functionality and requirements of our project.

Product  Perspective:

Designing and developing a method for processing image data into commands for motion control for autonomous artistic robot swarm. 

Product  Function:

Autonomous artistic robots are capable of recreating the image at proper corresponding location as per input on the canvass.The robot swarm consists of three robots controlled and co-ordinates by central control computer. 

User Characteristics:

  • The user involved has to do the work of starting the system.
  • Once the system starts the robots create the image autonomously.
  • Once the image has been produces, the system (i.e. robots) stops automatically.
  • Users are mostly spectators or art enthusiastic. 

Requirement Analysis

The robots don’t have individual intelligence, they are controlled by a central controller takes the digital image as input and returns commands to robots via wireless medium for motion control.

Each robot has a colouring utility attached to it which may be green, red or blue. The colouring utility is attached to robot by means of a servo motor .The colouring utility can me moved up and down. 

Requirement  Recording

  • A White sheet of paper is to be used as canvass on which robots will recreate digital image.
  • Use of the matlab so that proper mapping of digital co-ordinates to physical co-ordinates can be done.
  • A central controller which is equipped with image processing and algorithm for converting the image (i.e. image matrix) to motion control commands which are communicated to the robots via a wireless medium.
  • Autonomous Robot
  • Robotic arm which supports colouring utility
  • C Programing code
  • Sensors:IR sensor
  • Colouring tool: pen/marker/paint,which can be attached to the servo motor for drawing an image on the canvas paper.

Download Autonomous Artistic Robot Matlab Source Code with demo

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