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Preparation of Glass Braided Composites and Analysis Of Its Properties

Composites, the wonderful materials with light weight, high strength to weight ratio and good stiffness properties have come a long way in replacing the conventional materials like metals, woods etc. 

Textile Engineering Project

Preparation of Glass Braided Composites

TextileStructural Composites are nowadays finding interesting applications right from low end applications such as furniture and tables to high end applications such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, aircraft and missiles as they offer high degree of anisotropy and formability. The reinforcement used in textile composites may be either of synthetic fibre or natural fibre. 


Biaxial and tri axial specimens were produced using 48 carrier braiding machine. Composites were made through compression moldings with the help of epoxy resin. Then the mechanical properties like tensile strength, flexural strength and impact strength are measured. Then the porosity of the composite specimens is also measured. 


From the present textile engineering study, 

 1. It was found that the tensile strength, flexural strength and impact Strength of tri axial braided composite specimens show greater strength than the biaxial specimens. This is due to the presence of axial yarns present in the specimens. 

2. It was evident that the two different composites, the Ftab value was less than that Fcalc value. So the null hypothesis (H0) was rejected. So there is a significant difference in the strength of both composite specimens. 

3. The volume fraction of porosity of the triaxial glass fibre braided composites is greater than he biaxial glass fibre braided composite specimens. 

4. From the present study, it can be said that the tri axial glass braided reinforced composites can be used for solid beams because of their higher strength than the biaxial braided reinforced composites. 

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Scope of Future Work:

The scope for further study and research lies in analysing this study With different parameters like fibre volume fraction, resin concentration and Braiding angle. Further the number of reinforcement layers in composite can be increased and their mechanical properties can be analysed.

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