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Study On Breath ability Of Surgical Woven Gowns Treated With Nano

History Overview:

In recent years attention towards functional finishing of medical textile product has increased. Most of the textile products have been easily affected by virus and pathogens. Especially medical products such as surgical gowns, surgical mask are easily affected by blood pathogens. Hence, such products are to be protected from all these pathogens.

Textile Engineering Project

Study On Breath ability Of Surgical Woven Gowns Treated With Nano

Existing System:

The function of surgical gowns is to protect the patients from surgical team members. But now-a-days the hospital environments particularly the surgical room experiences with hazardous viruses like Hepatitis B, HIV, etc. Hence, protection of surgical members against the hazardous virus is the main focus of present research towards developing Surgical gowns and face mask.

In general cotton and polyester/cotton blended woven fabrics are widely used for developing surgical gowns due to its low cost, stability against wash/re usability and good air permeability, good moisture transport etc. However, viruses like HIV, Hepatitis B presence in the patient’s blood are much smaller than the pore size of the fabric and it can easily make contact with the skin of surgical persons.

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Textile Engineering Project

Solution Proposed in this Project:

In order to protect the penetration of viruses through the fabric, non woven fabrics are preferred as surgical gown. But these fabrics are not widely practiced in Indian hospitals due to its limitation like high cost and not reusable.

Hence, the need for breathable, reusable and virus impermeable fabric has increased. Few attempts already have been carried out to develop the above mentioned fabric by coating liquid repellent and antimicrobial agent on the woven textile material. The uniform dispersion of these two chemicals on fabric surface is an important requirement for developing good quality antimicrobial and liquid repellent fabric.

From the literature it has been observed that uniformity of coating and uniform dispersion of liquid repellent and antimicrobial agent of finished fabric has greatly affected due to mixture of nano Size antimicrobial agent and macro level liquid repellent agent.

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