Advanced secure data transaction through network project is a new technique which provides a solution for providing security for data which is used at the time of online transactions.

It presents mail offerings, chats services between the clients and it additionally reaction to the customer requests. This device is designed as an intermediary between the patron and the server.

This machine affords all kinds of services to the customers like document transfer, mail, chat, and many others… this system is price-effective and gives a safety like a firewall to the server.  Although there is any software program available inside the marketplace there may be no famous server in terms of price and offer offerings. evolved in net-technology could be a bonus to this software program. this can be utilized on various platforms.


Hybrid Cryptography Techniques


Secure Encrypted file  Transaction

More Efficiency and better security


Improve data transmission speed.

Provides features like chat and mail services.

secure way of authentication

Sharing resources





  • System       :  Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.
  • Hard Disk   : 40 GB.
  • Monitor      : 15 inch VGA Colour.
  • Mouse        : Logitech Mouse.
  • Ram           : 512 MB
  • Keyboard    : Standard Keyboard



Operating System            :Windows 7,windows xp

Front End                

Back End                          :MS-Access

Download Advanced Secure Data Transaction Through Network Project in Vb.Net Source code, Project Report.