Electricity is the very much required service on every day basis, Govt, through its servicing body providing this service to the people. The distribution to the end user and billing is a very complicated issues. There are many factor are involved in the billing system. If some thing goes wrong it is very difficult to find out where is the mistake because everything is maintained by manual system.

Existing System

Presently the billing is done manually. Which is very complicated and time consuming, because of the different pricing for the different type of connection. Apart from this there are slabs again price will change. So one has to very careful when preparing the billing, which is required lot of time for calculations. There hundreds of thousands of bill as to generated some mistakes will happen in some bills due to human errors. It create a lot of problem from the individual customers.

Proposed System

The proposed software “ Branchwise Electricity Billing and Managing ” will help to over come the problems mentioned above, once it is totally computerized, the error in calculations will automatically reduced or nil. Bill generation will also be fast because we can take the printouts.


The main objective of the “Branch wise Electricity Billing and Managing” is to maintain proper billing and administration.

  • To keep accounts of each individual customer.
  • Connection types and billing slabs
  • Automated bill generation
  • Bill print out in time
  • Proper report


Once this software is built it can be used in every branches to automate the billing. Which in turn help them fast processing and error free calculations.


The main goal of the application is to maintain the records of billing, bill printouts, details of receipts, customer balance, total due period etc.,

Requirement Specification

Hardware Requirements

Pentium IV 2GHz and Above


15” Color Monitor



Printer – Laser or Dotmatrix

Software Requirements

Operating System :         Windows XP/Vista Operating System.

Front End tools :             Visual Basic 2005

Backend :                       Sql Server 2005