College Management System Project PPT covers over view about project design details like data flow diagram, sequence diagram, screen shots. Download Source code for this project in and Java.

College Management System Project PPT

List of Contents in PPT:

Project Synopsis

Data flow diagram

Screen shots

Existing and proposed system Details

System Requirements

College Management System Over View:

We have developed new system, which is based on computer in which the student used to give test on the computer by simply clicking the answers. It is most reliable & time saving system while conducting some entrances test.
Time Saving:-As the test is conducted on computer it takes very less time for the student to attempt the question by simply clicking on the answer which they thinks to be right.
Accuracy:-Unlike the manual system there is no in accuracy while checking the answer of a question. Since it does not make any calculation mistake while at the same time of checking.
Quick Declaration of Result:-In the computerized system the results are declared in less time i.e. with in the fraction of minutes. So we can say that in computer system are more efficient then the existing system from the point of view of declaring the result
Money Saving:-Unlike the existing the computerized system does not require the any professor to check the answer sheet so this saves the lot of money.
Reduces The Chances Of Partiality:-As the answer s is checked by the computer it self so there are no chances of partiality while checking the answers.

Download College Management System Project PPT

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