College Management System Project in Vb.Net helps Managers to plan and control the organizational operations and to respond to changing market conditions. It provides a regular flow of information for managerial decision-making and control.

College Management System Project

The impact of computers on our lives today is probably much more than we are actually known to. Getting good information and transforming it quickly into products than consumers want to buy is the essential key to staying in business and this all is done nowadays using Computers and Application Software.

Existing System :

Whenever we implement new system it is developed to remove the  shortcomings of   an   existing   system. The   computerized has more  Edge   over   the   manual system.  As   we are doing a project on “College Management System Project”. So firstly we will introduce the existing system, the existing system is based on manual system, which takes lot of time to get performance of the test. It has the following disadvantages:

  • Inaccuracy: -While conducting the test papers manually it can happen that questions papers are not printed properly, in accuracy can also take place while checking the answer sheets and the teachers may mistake while calculating marks. All the above leads to the problem of inaccuracy.
  • Late declaration of result:-In the existing system answer sheets are checked manually so it takes a lot of time while checking the answer sheets. So the result is declared late.
  • Wastage of money: -While checking the different answer sheets different professor is hired. So it requires a lot of money against the checking of answer sheets.
  • Chances of Partiality:-In the existing system there are chances of partiality while checking the answer sheet of particular student. This is because some professor may be biased towards some student. So there are chances of partiality .Due to all the above problem of manual system the new computerized system is developed.

College Management System Project Software Requirement:

Front End Design: Visual Basic 

Download College Management System Project Documentation in Visual Basic.

Also Download JavaCode: College Management Information System Java Project

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