Online Computer Service Center Project in java application is useful for users to repair their hardware devices by contacting service center through online. This website will provide customer support and service for users.

Online Computer Service Center Project

Computer Service Center Project Requirement Overview:

Identification of Need

The daily activities pointing to smooth running of a Service Centre involves recording of` large volume of data in record books. The management of staff, their duty allocation, their regular and overtime schedule maintenance, attendance and payroll need to be managed properly.  In addition, timely preparations of several reports are required. All these require managing services quickly and efficiently.

Preliminary Investigation

The preliminary investigation was carried out to determine the feasibility of the system. The methods employed are:                                         

Reviewing Organization Document

The existing documents were reviewed, and minutely analyzed. They included-

(a)         Register (In which all records are being kept)

(b)         Details of attendance sheets, duty allocation, types of services provided and their specifications are reviewed.

(c)         Old spreadsheets and word documents containing the working methods.

The method of keeping records and its functionality are reviewed and changes were suggested for improvement. The management gladly express apprehension about the changes. 

Conducting Interviews

Several interviews were conducted at various levels. The two prime interviewees were the management personnel and the computer operators. It made further clear the working of the system and the changes desired by them. Several suggestions were also made, some of which were accepted by the management.

Feasibility Study
Technical Feasibility

The current system has Personal Computers. All the works are done on Word Processor and spreadsheets. The company already possesses the required software.

In the current working system, it requires time to produce the reports. The response time is high for processing queries. 

The Proposed System:

In the proposed system, there will be a standalone Personal Computer with the required application. And with minor modification in software it can also run in network. There is no significant difference between the current system and the proposed design of the system. The System will generate receipts; produce the required reports. The system will also have feature to calculate profit and loss account. 

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