Description : The objective of Cricket Database Management System project is to provide the complete information of the National and International Cricket statistics. The information is available Country wise, and Player wise. The project have following Master Screens.

  • Country
  • Player Details
  • Team Members
  • Matches

By entering the data of the each match. We can get all type of reports instantly. Which will be useful to call back history of each player, Also the team performance in each match. We can get a report on numbers of matches win, and last.

Graphical Display of the data is also provided, so one get graph instantly when ever it is required. We are using bar graphs here. In future we can make in many types. The bar graphs are provided to so Runs scored by each player in match. The bar Graphs also provided for each player to so his performance in all matches he played. So graphs helps to analyze the information faster also it is attractive compare to the data display.

The modules of the project are as shown below.

  • Country Detail Entry Screen
  • Player Details Entry Screen
  • Team Members Entry Screen
  • Match Detail Entry Screen
  • Match Ball by Ball Entry Screen
  • Player wise details screen
  • Player performance in the played matches
  • Match wise Comparison Screen
  • Players wise, Runs Score, Wickets taken Etc.,

This project is very use for Cricket match broadcasters to get information quickly. Also for Cricket lovers who very much interested in Cricket Statistics.

The project is written in Visual Basic 6.0 with ADO (Activex Data Objects), The back end for the project is MS Access. The project is designed very user friendly such that even people who knows only the basic operation of the computer can use this software. So no technical expertise is required to use this software.

Software Requirement:

Front End : Visual Basic with ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)

Back End : MS Access

Operation System : Windows 98/Win2000/Win XP

Team Size : __ Members