Employee Loan management system software project in vb.net is specially designed or organizations for managing employee loan calculation for every month and provide detailed report for employee about deductions and total salary.

Project Introduction:

Most of the employee’s bank loans are granted based on their monthly salary. When employee applies for loan to specific bank he must submit all his job details and back ground verification is done and then loan is approved.

Main works starts after loan is approved, for every month employees salary details with deduction calculation and remaining salary, tax information…etc details must be accurately calculated and submit to employee. 

These operations can be worked out manually but for companies where there are few employees.  When comes to organizations employee loan calculation software is compulsory.

Youtube video link to view PPT , DFD.


Design Details:
This project is designed in visual basic ( vb.net) programming language using ms access as back end database.

We can also design this project in asp.net , java, php programming language.  Refer to useful links for source code and project report.

Download Employee loan management system Project in Vb.net.


Data management is easy and time consumption for updating employee details is fast.

Data is secured and easy to retrieve old records.

Report generation for every module helps employee to view data in the form of reports.

Every employee is given employee id for checking details.

Integrating employee salary management software in to this software will provide better results.