Project Titled “ Employee Payroll Management System” is a standalone software designed in VB.NET using SQL server as centralized database.

Project Synopsis:

This software is also called as EPM which is part of HRMS project used in MNC for managing employees income tax , salary deductions, daily attendance management, leave calculation, pay slips, experience letters ..etc.

Details about employees are updated by respective department officials simultaneously which are updated to database. It does not work as online application for updating data away from office.

Design Requirements:

Vb.Net or is preferred software languages for development with SQL server.

Software must be user friendly with easy navigation from one form to other.

Search feature for finding employee from database based on employee id or employee name.

Report Generation without saving copy to database but provide print for pay slips, leave details..etc.

HRMS team will update data using attendance module and salary module.


User with basic computer knowledge can understand software features.

Adding salary details, attendance details, generate reports, calculate deductions from monthly salary.

Employees can view salary transaction details and generate report.

Each employee will have unique employee id , user name. Search module use these details to find data from database.                 

Download Employee payroll management system Project in Vb.Net

Source Code in Other Languages:

EMP software source code in, PHP, JAVA with project documentation for free download from below useful link.