Finance management system project ( VB.NET )is designed especially for banking systems for organizing day to day records. Using this software we can handle saver details, loan management, share holder details. Important aspect of this software is it can calculate interest rates, profit and loss details and provide statistics reports for analysing.

Finance Management System

Project Category:

Finance Account Software

Finance Management System Project Abstract:

Finance management is the important task for banking and investment fields. There are issues in existing system where data is not secured, large amount of man power is required, manual calculation..etc.

In order to reduce these issues and provide effective method for analyzing data is data management finance management software is designed.

List of Forms And their functionality:

Add Bank Form: This form is used to add bank details (account name, date, account number, and amount).

Employee Form: Details of employee are stored in database

Loan Interest Form: Employee can calculate loan amount he can get and interest rates for total amount.

Saver form: Details of saving are update using this form (user name, amount, date)

Database Design:

There are 18 tables for storing data. Ms Access data is used in this application.

Employee table, member table, expenses transaction, bank deposit, bank withdraw, loan , income transactions, saver, capital, cash, share, loan interest are tables used in this application.

Database file is available in source code download file.

Download Finance Management System Project in Vb.Net

Modules over view:

Admin module, save module for editing, deleting, modify saving details, transaction module, expenditure module, income module, profit and loss calculation module, report generation module.

For developing this project install visual studio software