Financial Services Management System Project is a simple mini project which consists of customer data entry, customer information searching,user and log administrator and loan transaction modules.

Financial Services Management System Project

Financial Services Management System Modules:

Login Transaction screens:

This screen is helpful for making loan transaction as payment and receives of amount. 

With the help of this screen we can update the balance of the customer when a payment or receive amount is done. A log information is also retained corresponding to this information.  

Changes can be applied by pressing apply button and we can return to back screen by pressing Back button .    

Password and log management :

This Screen Provides a way that we can log all the transaction to the external text  file and after all the transaction we can view the file for the different transaction log and the time at which they occur . This screen provide us a facility to change the current log file and browse with standard browse button Or we can directly enter the name of file  in the box and can change the file name

     We have another button on this screen named Stop or Start Logging it means that the logging in the file can be started or stopped at any time. As soon as we change the current log file and all the information started logging in the current log file.

     This is often used in practice for better maintenance and testing of the development and software. This technique provides of facility to follow or Trace the logic of the software.

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