Food Court Billing System  or Hotel Cash Counter Billing software is general software developed for Hotels. This software help them to do billing and take the reports


As this is generic software it can be used by a wide variety of outlets (Retailers and Wholesalers) to automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to the subject of maintaining the daily billing.


The main goal of the application is to maintain daily billing and to take the daily report.


Hotel Cash Counter billing software is very needy for Hotels. This software help them maintain day to day transactions in computer. 

Existing System

In hotels customer billing is very important. In some hotels they have printed coupons they will issue these coupons to the customer based on his requirement. If customer want three items they need to give three coupons. And in some hotels they electronic billing machine to generate the bills. These two systems are not pool proof for the hotel owner. So to maintain the billing they want simple power ful software. This should help them to do the billing.

Proposed System

In the proposed system the software will be developed to help hotel billing. This is very simple and user friendly application, Even non-computer literate can also can able to use the system it so simple. Making billing also is very easy and also billing can be done based on the supplier wise. Calculations will done automatically so it’s save lot of time. The daily reports will be generated to track of the daily billing.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Hardware Requirement 

Processor                   :       Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more

RAM                          :       1 GB or More

Harddisk                    :       80GB or more

Monitor                      :       15” CRT, or LCD monitor

Keyboard                   :       Normal or Multimedia

Mouse                       :       Compatible mouse

Software Requirement

Front End                   :       Visual Basic 2005 Express edition

With Sql Server Compact Edition

Microsoft SDK 2.0


Visual Basic 2008 Express edition

With Sql Server Compact Edition

Microsoft SDK 3.0

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows XP with server pack 2

Or                                        Windows Vista