Main objective of hospital management system project in is to keep track of Hospital Management . Forthcoming automated system should maintain information of patient and staff member.  

Hospital Management System

b)     This new system will keep track of document submitted by the patients and all his details like date of admission, date of discharge and about his disease so that the patient will be categorize by his disease also by their age, if the patient is repetitive then the doctor can search quickly about his background and if another operation is to be held then the doctor can make precautions. 

c)     The advantage of the system is that the doctor can store all the information about the employees under him. 

d)     One more advantage is that, from previous record doctor can referred the type of treatment carried on the patient hence that makes doctor’s job easier. 

e)     Application should maintain all information of wards and different beds in that ward. And update that information as every admit & discharge process take place. 

f)      Applications keep track of bed. i.e. which patient has occupied that particular bed, admit date and name of doctor who handle that patient. 

Application should generate final bill and discharge card.  

Patient request processing :-       

              In this process patients information is collected from patient. When patient visit to hospital all his information is collected from him which involves his personal information, his medical information etc. 

Admit processing :- 

               In this process when user decides to admit particular patient all the information is collected in admission form. During this process they check the bed status i.e. whether the bed is empty or not. If a bed is empty then admit the patient on that bed and update status of the particular bed. 

Discharge processing :- 

               In this process all the activities related to discharge process is handled, i.e. when the user decide to give discharge to particular patient, all the related information of that patient is displayed automatically. And after giving the discharge information is updated automatically such as bed become empty. During this process the discharge card could be generated automatically. 

Authentication process :- 

               This process provides user maintenance procedure. It provides facility to change password to each and every user. It provides facility in which only administrator of organization has rights to deal with particular fields such as change charge, change admin password etc. 

Final Bill Generation :- 

                 This process allows User to create final bill automatically, so that user can create accurate bill in minimum time. It gives total fixed charges so user can calculate bill with particular details.

Download Hospital Management System Project in Visual Basic with project report, source code, design details.