Hotel Management System  Project(HMS)” is a minor project developed in visual basic 6.0. This project can be used in hotels to facilitate to store new records of customers in database, to display the saved records with printing facilities. 

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System Project Overview:

During the development of this project we have visited the hotel administration for collection of data and analyze their problem. We have tried to fulfill most of the desire of the hotel requirements but due to the lack of time some of the requirements were solved. The problem analyzed for the hotel were

  • Check in/ check out system for customers to keep records of room that have been reserved.
  • Room Reservation system to keep records of the Customer and find their room number.
  • To generate report of each room reserved. 

Among these problems we have choose the Mark sheet  problem and try to make the project to display Mark sheet of the students with printing facility. The user can also save record of total number of students in the hotel, information about their faculty and course the study. We have also attached the form to keep simple record of the teachers. 

This software is totally secure with password protected facility. The administrator can create new user, update them when required and delete them if necessary. The administrator staff can utilize all the facility provided by the software and all the guest staff can get some of the facility. 

This software also provides the facility to create backup of the database which will help to retrieve data when the accidental loss in the original database happen.

Problem statement 

Even through we have tried our best effort in making the system error free but some errors may have crept into it. As this is our first project or system development in visual basic we have tried our best to make it free from limitations, and may be we are successful. The limitation on the project is the lesson for us to improve it. During our system development on this project we have faced many problems in testing, coding, debugging and implementing some rules and regulation.

Download Hotel Management System Project in Vb.Net Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT.