Library Automation System Project in Vb.Net is developed for colleges and university for managing books details, students issue details, payment details, searching for books..etc.

Library Automation System Project

Library Automation System Project Advantages:

Time saving: – Using computers can save a lot of time. This is possible, as computers are fast, efficient and more accurate as compared to human beings.

Quick Reports: – A computerized system can help on generating different types of reports. This can be done easily by merely pressing few keys. Reports can be easily obtained at the spur of the moment unlike a manual system.

Much More Details Available: – A large amount of details can be obtained easily in a computerized system which otherwise can’t be available in a manual system.

Efficient and accurate: – Computerization will increase the efficiency and accuracy of the telephone department in maintains telephone directory.

Faster and Easier Data Retrieval: – By using computerized system data can be retrieved at much faster pace. Old records can be located immediately and easily.

Economical: – Due to computerization more accurate functioning can be obtained as compared to manual systems in long term.

Decreased Number of People: – Computerization will decrease manpower dependence. It will decrease the number of people required for purchasing & selling goods.

Requirements for the Project:

  1. The project must accommodate the new requirements specified by the end user.
  2. The project must allow the user to take hard copy of the data.
  3. The project must provide a graphical view of the data for the corresponding month & year.
  4. The project must be easy to use and simpler to understand i.e. it should have easy to use navigation tools with some sort of assistance (tool tip text) attached with them.
  5. Should serve almost all desires of the common user, i.e. must meet the basic requirement criteria for a good Data Retrieval, Manipulation & Storage System for a cooperative society.

Software Requirements:

Front end       :           Visual Basic 6.0

Back end       :           Ms – Access

Operating System Support:

Platforms                  :           Windows 9x/2000/NT, XP, UNIX, LINUX.

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