Marks sheet management system project or grade sheet project is a visual basic project developed for engineering colleges for handling marks of the students and designing online grading system for every student for each semester and subject.

Marks Sheet Management System

Marks Sheet Management System  Project Overview:

At present for every education institute like MCA, BCA, MBA , Engineering colleges there are grade systems for every student and for every subject. At present every college is using manual methods for calculating grades. Using this Marks sheet and grade management application we have developed application which will have two features Marks sheet entry and print marks.  

Modules Overview:

As explained above there are two main modules marks sheet entry for each student and calculate grades and second one is printing marks of each student.

Marks sheet Entry:

This form consists of two options student details and grade points obtained. IN student details form we will enter students name, register number, exam roll Number, examination year, programme, semester and exam type. After these details are entered will be move to generate grades for respective student for each subject.

Grade Points Obtained:

After selecting the semester and program automatically respective subjects and subject code with credit hours are loaded to grade points drop boxes. Then we can calculate grade by selecting grade earned drop box with different types of drags available and which perfectly suits for that student. Then need to use compute GPA which is diplyed on total GPA text box and result is shown on text box.

There are other feature like save, cancel, exit from the screen and print results.

Download Marks sheet management system Project in with Source Code.