The existing system of inventory control is the manual system. The two main processes in the Medical Store Management System Project in Vb.Net  are: billing process and updating the stock after sales and purchasing of the goods. 

When the customer purchases goods  from the store, the billing clerk prepares the bill, calculates the amount and issues the bill to the customers. Two copies of bill are made; one is for the customer and second copy is for the record. 

The storekeeper updates the inventory record. At the end of day, the storekeeper analyses the bills for whole day, calculates the total amount, and enters the records in the cashbook. He then reduces the quantity in the stock of every item sales in a day. 

The storekeeper then checks the stock of items that are sales in whole day. He then prepares the list of items, whose quantity is reached below or equal to the reorder level. 

The storekeeper then prepares the orders to different suppliers. The order is placed for the goods are reorder level to a particular supplier. When the goods are received, the storekeeper increases the stock of the items received and enters the records in purchases database. 

When asked by the owner of the store, the storekeeper prepares the following reports: 

1.   Current Stock Report: This report shows the quantity left in stock for each item along with its price and reorder level. 

2.   Reorder Level Report: This report displays the information about the items that are below or equal to the reorder level thus helping in preparing the ordering of goods. 

3.    Rent Report: This report shows the quantity sales for each item in a specified period. It also shows the profit earned for each item in that specified period. 

These reports are prepared regularly by the storekeeper on the behest of the owner of the store to see the market trend as what is the choice of the customer. This helps in decision – making process and assists in improvisation.

The entire process earlier was done manually, which lead to too many discrepancies in final report thus leading to miscalculations and thus hindering the decision making process and leading to losses. Thus, the department store decided to computerize the procedure of management of stock and billing procedure. 


In the present system of  inventory control procedures, the problem arises due to manual system of bookkeeping. 

Every event in the current system of  Inventory control requires a manual operation to be carried out. In stock maintenance section, these operations include preparing a current stock position report; create an order for items below reorder level, and updating the stock after receiving Medicines. 

This manual system of rent and inventory control is prone to errors. In additions, the bookkeeping results in wastage of paper and time. The preparation of  stock report consumes too much time and human effort thus reducing the efficiency and productivity. 

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